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. right now pg&e crews are in city hall trying to deal with a problem and just a few minutes ago a third crew came through. i am an honorary council -- >> the sex scandal which out of control. and the new 911 tape at the center of this soap opera. and the killer of sierra lemar facing new charges, we will tell you what his co- workers are saying about that. and there could be more
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trouble in the days ahead, ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning, november 1st, i am pam -- november 14th, i am pam cook. >> let's go to steve paulson, he has your forecast. this will be the last day for really warm temperatures and today there is going to be lots of 70s and the warmest temperatures will be on the bay and on the coast, here is sal. >> 680 through the walnut creek area no problem on northbound 680 coming up. 6:01 let's go back to the desk. right now pg&e crews are at san francisco city hall trying to get the power to work
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normally. there was an explosion and fire there at city hall last night. claudine wong, what is the latest? >> reporter: a truck pulled up and take a look behind me they have two trucks and a third truck is just down the street which just pulled up. pg&e has been out here all night long. they do have the lights on and i want to take your attention to the far side and there will eare some generators back there. you have two big generators and we have been hearing them working this morning ever since crews have been out here with that area blocked off. i asked the gentleman down there when they could be turned off and he said he i don't know but he was trying to get somebody out here to talk with
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us. it all started at 9:30 last night and there was an explosion in the basement of city hall. it set offspring letters and -- off blinkers -- sprinklers and they needed to get pg&e out to address the problem because it was a high voltage area. >> we can't get anybody inside there to cut the power off because it is a high voltage area. >> they did address the problem. we are told there were multiple sources and they been working into the basement. they do expect business to be conducted as usual. they are trying to filling out how to get the power back
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online and i was told the light flickered overnight when they were trying to do that work. the work is ongoing and we don't have any idea when it should be finished. they are trying to clean up the mess left by the sprinklers but still very messy out here in city hall. still a lot of mud to clean up after mud gushed from a broken side. we will have more at hillside park and they were cleaning actually a few hours ago at 430 testimony. the waste water resources tell us the pipe is 78 years old and the age is likely what led to the break. engineers say the hillside now is stable. we do have more details on how claims for property damage will be handled out there.
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homeowners with damage and mud should file a claim in person with the city clerk's office. damage to vehicles may be covered by auto insurance policies. now we are hearing from jill kelley. she is the florida socialite involving david pet -- general david petraeus and general john allen. >> i have a guy who is in my backyard and he is not leaving if you can send somebody out. >> i don't know by any chance, because i am an honorary council general and i have -- >> that was a 911 call she made and has been howed by the news media after she revealed she exchanged e-mails with general john allen. it tons out she is an honorary
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member and that's not an official post an does not have any special privileges. and we will hear from the president when the president holds a new conference. the questions reporters will want the president to answer, that is coming up next. and a news conference is scheduled about an hour from now. nancy pelosi will announce whether she will continue to hold her she had leader -- her leadership post. democrats gained less than half of the 25 seats they needed. if she gives up her post, she will continue serve as congresswoman of san francisco. students in the university of california are set to have a
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protest. at the request of governor brown they have postponed a vet for graduate students and they plan to increase tuition for next year. the measure approved by voters is supposed to save them $250 million. this comes after lawsuits were filed from three former students including christian. she accused the school district of ignoring claims she was sexually abused by two teachers. the new policy requires all staff in charge of reporting a claim have to individually report it to police. new charges have been filed against a man accused of killing and kidnapping teen sierra lemar.
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jeanine della vega live in morgan hill tells us what antolin garcia-torres is facing now, good morning, jeanine. >> reporter: they have confirmed antolin garcia-torres is facing three attempted kidnapping charges, three attempted carjackings at the safe ways here in morgan hill. i spoke to a group from safe way off camera and they tell me they have never forgotten about these attacks and this latest news comes after missing sierra lemar, police were able to gather evidence and link him to a string of assaults on went back in march of 2009. now in each of those incidents, the women were followed to their cars in the parking lot and then assaulted. in one incident, a knife was used and in another, he used a stungun while hitting her. antolin garcia-torres was a former employee of the safe way and this is how customers
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reacted. this is where he works and for everybody else to know him around this area and for him to start doing something like that, you know, it is very, very bad and i just feel he should you know have not done it. >> reporter: this all happened when antolin garcia-torres was a juvenile several years before sierra lemar went missing. he is currently charged with her murder even though her body has never been found. more than six months have passed and he still has not entered a plea for those crimes. jeanine della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. they say they now have 6,000 turkeys but they need
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12,000. there are help hoping to receive $2 million in nonperishable foods in order to help people with their meals in december. let's get you where you need to go, sal, how is our commute looking? still looking good and we are looking at commutes which are getting more crowded, but first let's start with the toll plaza. the metering lights have been put on and ten minutes before you make it onto the span. southbound 880 on the left you can see headlights and it is getting crowded but traffic still looks good passed the oakland coliseum. and in the antioch pittsburgh side, nothing too major but it is still getting slow out of antioch but bay point still looks good, let's go to steve. some of the higher
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elevations that is the direct of where it is coming from. there will be a lot those and we will want to increase those clouds tomorrow. it will be cooler as the west wind turns easterly and the rain returns brings us into the weekend. a lot of these higher clouds makes for a beautiful sunrise. it is still cold for some. hayward at 3:53, there is a pretty impressive system that will come friday which will bring clouds and rain and a stronger system will come over the weekend. high clouds, overall a warm pattern but partly sunny skies
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and partly cloudy skies, we have a colder system arriving on sunday and we have a lot of cloud cover, more show than go as we go to thursday but late thursday it clouds up splash and dash showers move in friday morning. friday night it develops and we take it right into the weekend. nice today, really nice over by the coast but that easterly president means more. 72 degrees warmer than some locations some rains and clouds develop and it could be heavy on is saturday and sunday. as the warriors plan their new arena, what they are promising is new bay area jobs.
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and the search for the founder in the security firm is wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbor. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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. welcome back, new developments in the murder investigation involving the founder of the john mcafee security reports, and a murder
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investigation, john mcafee is still being sought for questioning in connection with the murder but he is not a suspect. he acknowledges he had differences with the neighbor and that neighbor was found shot to death on sunday. in an interview, he said he is hiding from police because he fears the police want to kill him. a 20-year-old man from colorado is accused of wanting to plot to kill president barack obama and planning a deadly attack on trick or treaters. they describe him as a troubled young man. he dime the secret service's attention for wanting to kill the president and he now comes up with a plan to shoot children. he told his therapist he had an obsession with the shooting at column bind and now want -- columbine and now wants to shoot the president.
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his therapist as alerted authorities. it will be the first time he weighs in on the general david petraeus sex scandal and what it means for the future of his cabinet. >> reporter: president barack obama will likely be asked when he knew his cia director was under any investigation and about his cover up. they will face some tough questions about what it means for his administration and whether he still has confidence in general john allen. and jill kelley is concerned over e-mails that led to an affair between general david petraeus and his biographer -- biographer paula broadwell. they are furious they had to learn about the investigation through the media. >> i understand protecting people, i don't understand doing this all under a cloud of
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secrecy. >> reporter: of course president barack obama had hoped to use today's conference to focus on his second term priorities and deal with his vision of how to deal with the fiscal cliff. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. san francisco police are searching for a man who slashed immune any passenger with a night. it happened sunday afternoon. the started with an argument between twoment one slashed the one man on the hand and ran on the bus. that victim was not seriously hurt. a pro cyclist was hurt while riding in the presidio. he had a major concussion as well as scrapes and bruises. he was cycling when he was hit by a late model black porsche
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suv. on top of that he also lost his bike. it got stuck on the grill of his car. he could be facing felony hit- and-run as well as grand theft since that bike was never recovered. and facing the golden state warriors, they want the board of supervisors to help make off with the project. meanwhile they are hiring guidelines for publically funned construction. they will require 2 5% of construction jobs go to residents or veterans. if you want to get on the bay bridge, you have a lot of company. yes, it is beginning to stack up westbound coming to the toll plaza and it is backed up all the way out to the foot of the mcarthur maze and the metering lights came on just a
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little bitterly today and traffic on the bridge, you could be waiting 15 to 20 minutes before you make it on to the span. and the san mateo bridge looks good hiding to highway 101 and 680 heading south from walnut creek to concord, that is moderately heavy and in richmond it looks moderately good. let's go to steve. inland it is still kind of cold, not as cool as the last couple of mornings and those higher clouds are helping. high pressure is our fair weather friend and there is a rather strong system to the left and one coming in over the weekend which will change our weather bug time. there is higher winds making it to the coast where it is mild even in the city. warmer along the coast with some mid-70s but this system is
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it get willing closer but still on the mild side. there is not much in the way of sunshine, and to it before it gets dark. 54 and 55, a lot of cloud cover, coming up from a stronger latitude which starts thursday into friday and the colder one will be dropping down over the weekend. 70s on the coast and probably soft 70s inland 60s for about 20 minutes or so and after that temperatures tomorrow start to cool down and friday we will be into a much cooler pattern. a lot of cloud cover over us and tomorrow we will start to cloud things up. and by thursday night, that system gets closer and friday we will be talking about rain. that will not be too heavy and this will start to set the stable as we go into the
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weekend. an easterly wind is nice. it will be mostly fair to upper 70s. with your weekend always in view, we take it right into the weekend. there is another toyota recallment they were built between 2,002,009 and sold -- 2009 -- 2000 and 2009 and sold in the u.s. some cars are affect by both recalls and toyota promises to make both repairs. it happened at the oakland museum and what officials are doing now to make sure it doesn't happen again. diagnosed with breast cancer at the able of 21 and the important lesson about cell phones.
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. doctors are warning don't put cell phones next to your body. she was one of many who would carry her phone inside her bra. she never thought it would be unsafe but she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 21
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despite not having any risk factors. >> it just so happened the tumors was where her cell phone had been carried. >> they say there is no evidence of it causing breast cancer but doctors don't want them to take this risk. somebody broke into the history gallery on monday just before midnight. they would not say exactly what was stolen but it does include valuable items from the gold rush area. the museum toes have insurance for the entire collection. we understand a man was arrested shortly after the break-in but he did not have any of the stolen items. let's see what is happening on the toll plaza. that's right, it is getting
6:27 am
more crowded and we have some slowed traffic on highway 4 and highway 24 and this is a live look coming up over the willow pass grade. we have some traffic and southbound 680. we have a crash on the shoulder causing a little bit of slowed traffic on pleasanton. >> thank you steve. it is 56 downtown oakland, 5 is o so there are cold readings and they will be warm on the coast with a lot of high clouds. low-to-mid $70 and we will have more coming up. there was an explosion in city hall. the prices are now back to normal but we will tell you
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about the mistake last night and how drivers reacted. also they are about to ring the bell on wall street and pam will have the early stock numbers. ♪
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, they are just getting ready to ring that opening bell, business services, a company out of new york over on the nasdaq, they are just visiting and on the new york stock exchange, dave clark remembers james beard, culinary expert in the james beard foundation, they are celebrating 25 years and they offer school already lore ships and -- scholarships and preservation of the culinary arts. it is wednesday november
6:31 am
14th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, now a third pg&e truck arrived at city hall and claudine wong is out there since 4:30 this morning where the work continues after the explosion, claudine? >> reporter: yes, it's not even open for business yet but you can see there is a lot of activity. there is pg&e trucks parked out in front and we know on the other side there is a restoration crew working on getting the basement cleaned up and if you take a look inside city hall, lease are on and that has been assisted by the generators. they are from the right side of city hall. you can hear as crews work to
6:32 am
keep power on and they were turned over after what happened. this all started at 9:30 when there was an explosion in an electrical box in the basement. it set off the sprinklers. >> we shut them off after we arrived here. there was an isolated area in the basement and we just have to get the water out of there. >> reporter: now once those sprinklers were turned off, fire crews went down and secured the scene and overnight it has been a cleanup effort in trying to fix this power. now again, taking a live look, power is back on and the power goes back to city hall into multiple sources. now that it is turned off, they want to get them back on the grid. where that is, we are not sure.
6:33 am
they were busy and just said they would update us. we to expect business to be open as usual as this work continues. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is now 6:32, a firefighter in contra costa was injured as it happened 12:30 this morning in archery way. investigations are underway as to how this fire started. four people inside escaped injury but a firefighter was hurt in an arm injury. he was treated and later released. >> our extinguishing efforts have been complicated by a very complex roof system and we are having to actually tear the roof apart to fully extinguish the fire. it took draws 20 minutes and
6:34 am
they paid up to $20,000. and he is shot in the back in downtown san rafael. new information into that shooting sent one man to the hospital which happened at 8:30 last night right on 4th street and lincoln avenue. police are looking for four men in a car and they are investigating this as a possible gang shooting. we are tracking suspects in a brazen kidnapping in walnut creek. coming up how surveillance video could help police crack the case. more coverage of the damage after that pipe burst in a dahly city neighborhood with thousands of gallons of water and mud ran through the streets. here is more on what the neighbors are saying. >> reporter: many are concerned about the hillside where the
6:35 am
mud has spilled down and it is up to 9 feet deep in some parts and it is still soft and you can actually sink in parts. if we pan over here it looks like a muddy tundra and that used used to be grassy park so you can understand why neighbors are concerned. there was a 20-foot crevice and it led to a giant water tank which provides water for southeast daily city. it is 40,000 gallons of water mixed with mud trapped a dozen cars in its wake. the city brought in backhoes and involvevilles to -- and shovels to dig them out. >> i don't see any issues that should cause a problem but there was 40,000 gallons of water that came down the hillside and it is an awful lot
6:36 am
of water that came down in a very specific location. >> reporter: they say able is what likely caused it to break. you can expect more crews and they are pleased with how it has been handled. coming up we will tell you what happened in this neighborhood 30 years ago which is causing problem with the current situation and some frayed nerves. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. breaking news coming in now, house minority leader nancy pelosi will run again as minority leader in congress. she called a news conference for 7:00 this morning and coming up on mornings on 2, we will have live coverage for
6:37 am
nancy pelosi's announcement. and the station in palo alto, all level savage is where this super cheap gas was sold. >> reporter: the gas giveaway is apparently over. apparently it is $3.65 for a gallon of unled but drivers who stopped by yesterday got a pleasant surprise. the station charged 37.5 cents per gallon if you can imagine that. quite a few drivers dropped by to take advantage. we saw some cheap totals and people were shelling out next to nothing for fuel. one woman noticed things didn't quite look right when she came in and she ended up paying full price and was a bit disappointed. >> i top know it was probably a
6:38 am
mistake. i had no idea. too bad i was not here yesterday. so yeah. >> you came a little late. >> but still $3.65 is okay. >> reporter: now after we spoke to the manager she was scrambling to make sure everything was okay and she had no comment but you can imagine the drivers who came by yesterday felt they stepped back in time and the last time they paid that was in the 1970s. >> i heard one person said, did you hear about the deal at arco. and then when the television news crews show up, it is like oh, no what is going on. we are doing the east bay
6:39 am
dave and pam and traffic is getting easier. you can see it here in the live picture and there was a stalled vehicle. it was one of the middle lanes and that's one of the reasons the meet he aring lights went on early. it is one of the slowest commutes coming off the tracy triangle and no major problems. we had an earlier crash on southbound but traffic will be slow as you drive passed mission boulevard. it is a little bit slow ming out of pleasanton. checking santa clara valley and the slowest traffic is on northbound 101 and it is beginning to slow down as you pass through the 280 interchange and the rest is okay. in fact if you want to use 280, that is the best of the three and it will not stay that way for long though. let's go to steve.
6:40 am
sal, we have a mild pattern on the coast, more mid-50s but some 30s inland and there is a big difference on the temperatures. it is a precursor to a system that is out here. i will show you in just a second and it will give us clouds and some rain. forecast calls for a nice day and this will be the warmest for a while. tomorrow will be the same. the stronger of the two systems claims... mitt 50s and there are some -- mid-50s and yet some areas are on the cold side. this is a warmer system so snow will be much higher and the cold system will start kicking in tomorrow. today we are good to go for
6:41 am
partly sunny skies and mild temperatures. it will be warmer on the coast and many inland locations but then we all get to the cooler pattern with rain developing by friday and cloud and rain forecasts, just the higher clouds, not a big deal. they are making it to the coast and it's going to be rather mild even though we don't get much sunshine. here comes some rain, it is not a lot but a sign of things to come. get out and enjoy today if you can. east winds are mild over by the beaches and maybe even upper 70s to was the sonville and monterey. same for santa cruz, gilroy 75.
6:42 am
still okay thursday and rain develops on friday and a much stronger system come through over the weekend. it is heaviliment we want to take you live to live -- heavily ski resorts and you can see extra dusting on the ground, recent storms dumped about three feet of snow on the mountain allowing the resort to open three days early. northstar and kirkwood are opening also today. for the latest weather conditions and snow reports, you can head to the weather section of our website and new details about that plane crash which went right into a house in mississippi, where those passengers were headed, it is a sad and ironic story. the man accused of killing sierra lemar is facing new charges this morning. we are live in morgan hill and we will have more about sheets
6:43 am
new alleged violent crimes. >> we have more on the rest of your morning commute and the bay area weather. stay tuned for more.
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. welcome back good morning to you. here is a look at some of the top stories we are following at 6:45. president barack obama is about to make comments about the sex scandal that led to the resignation of general david petraeus. it is beginning at 10:30 this morning. and pg&e trying to finish repairs at san francisco city hall in just about 90 minutes, a third repair crew came through and they had a fire explosion an electrical repair during the night. they had a fire which spread to the rotunda and they are cleaning up a major mess after a water pipe broke in two. about 4 5,000 gallons of water and mud seed down the street yesterday and created quite a
6:47 am
mess. a dozen cars were parked on the avenue and had mud up to their wheels. the city park is also buried in mud. new information on sierra lemar's murderer for antolin garcia-torres involving three other women. >> reporter: well the district attorney's office has confirmed antolin garcia-torres has been charged with attempting to kidnap three other women at this safe way. he used to work at both of the safe ways where he was arrested earlier this year in the case of sierra lemar. police arrested antolin garcia- torres for the teen's kidnapping and murder. investigators had taken his dna from the case and police in morgan hill were able to link that dna on a stungun attack on a woman back in 2009. they linked him to three
6:48 am
separate assaults at the safe way while women were getting into their cars. they tells you about the new charges antolin garcia-torres faces. >> you don't want to walk to your car by yourself. you tonight know who is doing it, who is out there so have him connected to that and know that will not happen anymore in this community, it feels good >> >> reporter: we spoke with former co-workers who remember him as being very polite and described him as a nice guy but ever since he has been arrested in the sierra lemar case, their feelings have changed. the evidence has prompted them to use a buddy system ever since these attacks happened, it scare especially the female employees and it still caused them to come out in groups. ktvu channel 2 morning news,
6:49 am
ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> police want your help to find men who -- find the men who kidnapped a 57-year-old woman as she was leaving work and held her captive as they drove around trying to withdraw money from several atms. eventually they abandoned her and she was able to get help. one man is described as 5-foot 11, 185 pounds. dark hair. and the other is 5-foot 9 inches, 150 pounds. a small plane crashed in mississippi and they were flying to a sigh ofty conference -- flying to a safety conference. the pilots had asked permission
6:50 am
to return to hawkins airport near jackson mississippi shortly after they took off but they never made . three pilots were killed. there was one person who escaped with minor injuries. the decision comes after governor como created a investigation for the way they responded to the storm. 50,000 people in long island and new york still have no power after more than two weeks. more than 150 pg&e workers are coming back from new york today. they spent the last two weeks helping to get the power back on after super storm sandy. they fixed and repaired wires and replaced transformers.
6:51 am
they helped to bring 0,000 con edison customers back in queens and brooklyn. there are 150 workers due come back on friday. it is on interstate 680, southbound 680 and it has been moved out of the lanes but now there is debris all over the place and now driving concord and driving from pleasant hill through the pleasant hill area, very slow until you get passed that crash and of course it is always slow and today is no different. traffic at the toll plaza is going to be different. it is backed up pause of an earlier stall. a lot of people have already showed up and it is getting
6:52 am
crowded into downtown. 68 the sunole grade is not doing well because of earlier troubles on that stretch. let's go to steve. a lot of high clouds, beautiful sunrise, mild on the coast. it will be a warm day and today will be partly sunny skies, but on the mild side. high pressure system will start to lose its grip tomorrow and today is the warmest day, no doubt about it by the bridges. east wind means an offshore breeze with a lot of 70s showing up. 70s inland even some 30s closer to the bay. there are mild temperatures and some cooler ones. and in advance of that system, it will be the first one late friday into saturday and our warm pattern today, with the warmest temperatures on the coast. tomorrow they clouded up and
6:53 am
then we start a cooling trend as we head towards friday and the weekend. it will come off some of the east bay hills 20 to 25 miles per hour, it still means very warm temperatures and inland that time of year is that kind of a pattern so if you can get out and temperatures will really start to take a tumble. with the weekend always in view, a colder system arrives on sun tie. why a crab dinner may cost you more. marco scutaro is playing again in place of the giants and we will tell you if they will be able to keep him.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
. >> welcome back, would you buy what others are selling. dow jones industrial average is down, and s&p 500, facebook looks like it will trade up 7% as the lock out ends. investigators in fresno says the poisonous mushrooms that killed two people at an elder care facility came from their backyard. they put it in assume and the caretaker of the home in
6:57 am
luminous had no idea the mushrooms had sprouted from recent rains. two people died including the caretaker had been hospitalized and the deaths have been ruled an accident. it is a day many have been waiting for. they set their traps less than an hour ago and the start of the season comes on a wholesale price of $3 per pound. that price is higher than last year and crabbers are allowed to set their traps today and can not pull them up until midnight. marco scutaro is coming back. he is 37 years old and is a second baseman and will probably get a two year deal. he hit that single back from
6:58 am
there that clenched the world series. coming up in our 7:00 hour, it is sad when 37 is old. good morning everybody, let's take a look at the commute and traffic is moving a long relatively well looking at the toll plaza coming up on mornings on 2, we monitored that closely and that goes as many other commutes as well. it is slow this morning out of the fremont area towards the south bay. let's go to steve. beautiful sunrise, twitter folks sending in a nice sunrise, it also gives us a nice day. big changes will start later tomorrow into the weekend and we will have mornings on 2. house minority leader nancy pelosi a ready to make a major announcement, we will bring you
6:59 am
live coverage. san francisco city hall had a big explosion, stay with us, we'll be right back. just movev into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible.

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